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If you are in need of an AC repair, Mesquite, TX is home to Wilson Home Services. From keeping your home properly ventilated and maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature, your air conditioning unit plays a crucial role in your home.

Even though you can keep this system in good working condition with regular maintenance, faulty components, clogged ducts, and dirty filters are common issues that our experienced technicians can help with at Wilson Home Services.

We also offer maintenance services and can check your HVAC system in the spring to prevent issues that can arise as temperatures climb.

You can get in touch with us to learn more about our services or schedule a service call by calling 817-753-0873 or using our convenient online form.

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More About Wilson Home Services

What makes Wilson Home Services one of the best air conditioning companies in Mesquite, TX? Out of the thousands of HVAC contractors registered in Texas, there are only nine professionals who have Master Licenses with endorsements as a master electrician, master plumber, and HVAC and commercial refrigeration specialist.

Victor Wilson is one of these nine professionals. With decades of experience and unparalleled expertise, Victor Wilson is in a unique position to diagnose your HVAC problems and recommend the best solution.

Besides possessing extensive expertise and experience, we care about our customers at Wilson Home Services. We communicate openly, we’re transparent about our prices, and we do everything we can to offer satisfaction.

We also understand that paying for unplanned repairs or upgrades can be challenging. We offer affordable financing options to facilitate access to the best HVAC solution for your needs.

AC Repairs in Mesquite, TX, & Other Services

We offer a comprehensive selection of HVAC services to keep your air conditioner in good shape. If your AC isn’t coming on or isn’t cooling your home as quickly as usual, it’s time to give us a call and have our expert HVAC technician diagnose the issue.

Common AC Issues

When you turn your AC unit on, a fan pulls hot air from the outside. The air goes through filters that remove dust and other fine particles before entering your AC unit.

As hot air goes through your AC unit, it comes in contact with cold evaporator coils. There is a refrigerant liquid that runs through these coils and absorbs heat from the outside air, which lowers the temperature of the air.

The air can then go through your duct system and cool your entire home with the help of a blower fan that pushes the cool air through the duct system.

Issues can arise at different steps of this process:

  • Your condensing unit’s capacitor can go bad and prevent the refrigerant from absorbing heat.
  • The compressor can go bad and stop pumping refrigerant through the coils.
  • The drain line that removes condensation from the coils can become clogged and cause condensation to accumulate in your AC unit.
  • The different fans that move hot and cool air can fail due to an old or clogged motor. 


You should call a professional if your HVAC system isn’t coming on or isn’t cooling your home effectively. You should also give us a call if your AC unit is making unusual noises.

We’ll be able to inspect your HVAC system to pinpoint the cause of the problem and fix it.

Refrigerant Leaks

The refrigerant is an important component of your HVAC system. If the refrigerant level gets low, the coils won’t be able to absorb heat from the outside air.

A professional can check refrigerant levels and look for a leak. Common signs of low refrigerant include ice crystals on the AC coils and a system that blows hot air.

Older HVAC systems that date back to 2010 and before use freon, a toxic refrigerant. If you suspect a leak, take action quickly since a leaking AC unit could accidentally expose pets or wildlife to this dangerous chemical.

Newer HVAC systems use Puron or R-410A. This refrigerant is much safer, but you should still avoid contact with your skin.

AC Filters

Your HVAC system uses filters to keep dust, pollen, and other fine particles out of your home. Filters can also catch pollutants such as volatile air compounds.

Depending on the system you have, you should find the main filter near the HVAC unit or near the return air grill.

AC filters play an important part in keeping your indoor air clean and healthy. Failing to change or clean your AC filters regularly can affect the quality of your indoor air.

Plus, clogged filters will reduce the airflow of your HVAC system and cause fans to work harder to pull air in. Besides increasing your energy bill, dirty AC filters can make it difficult for your HVAC system to maintain your home at a comfortable temperature.

Thermostat Repair and AC Installation

As an AC repair Mesquite, TX, company, we also offer thermostat repair and installation services. The thermostat is an important component of your heating and cooling system since it tracks your indoor temperature and triggers your AC unit or furnace.

A faulty thermostat means your AC unit might run all the time or fail to come on when the temperature rises.

At Wilson Home Services, we can fix faulty thermostats or update your old thermostat with a newer model. We highly recommend replacing your old thermostat with a programmable model to ensure your system is energy efficient. You can also opt for a smart model that you can control with your phone.

Switching to a programmable thermostat could help with efficient heating & cooling as well as lowering bills by as much as 10%.

Duct Cleaning

Over time, dust and other fine particles can accumulate in the ducts that transport cool air to the different rooms of your home.

Dirty ducts can become partially clogged and restrict airflow. Plus, dirty ducts can blow dust and allergens when the cool air comes out.

You should schedule duct cleaning regularly to maintain the quality of your indoor air. At Wilson Home Services, we use specialized equipment to vacuum dust and other fine particles from your ducts.

Keeping your ducts clean can help reduce energy consumption for your AC unit since it won’t have to work as hard to blow cool air.

Annual Maintenance Plan

Regular maintenance can prevent a wide range of heating and cooling issues. With our annual maintenance plan, you get the peace of mind of a professional Spring tune-up and inspection.

We’ll clean ducts, replace dirty filters, and perform a thorough assessment of your HVAC systems’ health. If any parts are approaching the end of their lifespan, we’ll recommend a replacement before they fail.

Our annual maintenance plan comes with additional benefits, such as a Fall tune-up and inspection for your heating system, a plumbing inspection, and an electrical tune-up. We’ll also offer you a discount and waive our $99 service fee if you need AC repair services.

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Fast & Reliable Repairs 

Is your AC unit not coming on? Does it take longer than usual to cool off your home? Are you noticing ice on your AC coils? Are you hearing unusual noises coming from your air ducts?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to give us a call. We specialize in AC repair in Mesquite, TX, and will inspect your HVAC system, diagnose the issue, and fix it. Call us today to find out why we’re one of the leading air conditioning companies in Mesquite, TX. You can expect outstanding customer service, communication, and transparency during every step of this process.

We also offer affordable annual maintenance plans to keep your heating and cooling system in good working order and address potential issues before they affect you.

Call us now at 817-753-0873 or use our online form if you have any questions or would like to schedule a service call!

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