Freon Leak Detection & Repair

Is your home in the Metroplex feeling overheated no matter the thermostat setting? Is there tepid or insufficient air blowing from the cooling system’s registers? Maybe an odd hissing sound or ice on the evaporator coils? These are indications of an air conditioner refrigerant leak. Since a properly operating system circulates and maintains a uniform amount of Freon, leaks need to be identified and repaired sooner rather than later. Get in touch with Wilson Home Services at (817) 753-0873 for cost-effective and sustainable solutions.

Call the experts for freon leak detection!

Refrigerant leaks not only impact comfort but lead to lower thermostat settings and higher energy bills. HVAC contractors who simply add refrigerant to the system aren’t doing you any favors. While this option is cheaper than repair, it doesn’t solve the problem and costs more in the long-run. The Freon will simply leak out again and there’s potential for bigger issues. Also keep in mind that DIY sealants are a temporary option which often do more harm than good, causing blockages and damage to the system.

Have a leaking A/C system? Count on our team for handle the repair promptly!

Wilson Home Services provides accurate and honest inspection of all makes and models of cooling systems. Our fully licensed and trained professionals are equipped with the specialized equipment to detect leaks quickly. From fixing a few leaks to replacing the refrigerant coil, we recommend the course of action that best serves your needs and delivers maximum return from the investment. For Freon leak detection and repair, Wilson Home Services delivers results anywhere across Dallas / Fort Worth.

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