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If you need a plumberGarland, TX, has many options. Wilson Home Services, however, stands out from the competition. We not only do a great job with plumbing repair, but we also strive to provide excellent customer service.

We specialize in installing and repairing diverse plumbing systems. With years of industry experience, we’ve developed a procedure to guarantee that our customers receive the highest quality service. We are pleased to say that our clients are consistently pleased with our work.

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High-Quality Plumber in Garland TX

Our plumbing services are second to none. We’re a locally-owned and operated business, so we understand the needs of our clients and take the time to learn about their unique situations. Whether you need a sink drain or toilet replaced, or a new water heater installed in your home, we can help. 

We are a premier plumbing company in Garland, Texas, offering a vast array of services, such as:

Water Heater Replacement and Services

Our technicians are certified and trained to handle any water heater problems you might have. We provide fast, courteous service guaranteed to get your water heater up and running again.

Whether your water heater needs to be fixed or just not performing up to par, we can help you. Our technicians will come to your home or business and diagnose the problem so we can find the best solution for you.

Hot Water Circulating Systems 

Hot water recirculation systems are a fantastic method to cut energy usage and keep a more constant temperature in your home. In addition, hot water circulating systems are an excellent method for maximizing your water heater’s effectiveness. They rotate the water in the tank and offer the most efficient heat transmission for minimum energy use.

We work with our customers to guarantee they get what they want for their homes since we know you want the best. Our plumbers in Garland, Texas, can install user-friendly systems if you need assistance. We can help you choose the best hot water circulating system for your needs and verify that it is implemented correctly.  

Slab Leak Repair

Water seeping through your concrete slab and the soil underneath can cause many problems. Your foundation walls will begin to fracture, resulting in mold, mildew growth, and structural problems. Additionally, the water will soon begin to rot your subflooring and cause damage to both interior and exterior walls.

Slab leak detection is a highly technical task requiring the expertise of skilled professionals. At Wilson Home Services, we’re here for you when you need us most, and we can help you fix your leaking slab without breaking the bank or taking too much of your time. 

Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals are among the most common home appliances. They pulverized food scraps and other small waste for disposal, easing kitchen work. As with all mechanical equipment, they degrade over time. If your garbage disposal makes strange noises or does not function, you may need to repair or replace it.

Wilson Home Services delivers high-quality garbage disposal repair services. We’re here to assist you in getting your kitchen back on track. We understand how vital it is for you to have a functional garbage disposal in your home, so we’ll ensure that we arrive promptly and complete the job correctly.

Garland Leak Detection, Repair, and Replacement

A substantial amount of damage can be caused by a water leak in the property. Mold and mildew can be detrimental to the interior and exterior of your home if they result from a water leak. For this reason, we provide leak detection, repair, and replacement services.

We will inspect your home for leaks upon visiting it. In addition, we will do everything possible to help you locate and repair it. We also provide replacement parts for drains and pipelines damaged by spilling water.

Sewer and Drain Cleaning

Sewer lines are designed to transport wastewater from your home or business to a treatment plant for processing. If these pipes become blocked, it can create problems with the flow of sewage and give off foul odors in your home or business.

We are experts in sewer systems and drains, and we understand what it takes to maintain your system operating efficiently. Whether it is a minor obstruction or something more severe, our skilled specialists will be able to get things going again swiftly and effectively. 

Water Softeners and Purification Systems

Water softeners are intended to soften water by eliminating calcium and magnesium ions. This process removes scale build-up from pipes and appliances, increasing their efficiency and extending their lifespan. It also helps prevent skin irritation and dryness caused by hard water. 

Finally, water softeners and purification systems are also utilized to improve water quality. 

Our plumbers in Garland, TX, are experienced with water softeners and purification systems. We can assist you in determining the ideal system for your home and installing it swiftly and efficiently.

Importance of Hiring an Expert Garland Plumber

Hiring a professional plumber can seem like an unnecessary expense. However, it can be one of the most crucial investments you make in your home. As professional plumbers, we have the skills and experience to fix a problem quickly, efficiently, and safely. We also have the tools and knowledge required to diagnose what’s wrong with your plumbing system so that it doesn’t happen again.

If you’re having trouble with your plumbing, don’t try to fix it yourself. Instead, call us to take care of the job for you.

Looking for a Plumber in Garland, TX?

At Wilson Home Services, we provide high-quality plumbing services to all our clients. We are available to assist you with any plumbing issues that could arise. Whether you need a replacement water heater installed or pipes repaired, you can be assured that we have all it takes to get the job done properly.

We understand that when it comes to plumbing problems can be extremely frustrating. That’s why our experienced plumbers are always on call to assist in any way they can. We will provide you with an upfront quote for your project and stick to that price no matter what happens during the work. You can rely on us to complete the job correctly the first time.

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