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Victor Wilson is one of only 9 owner/contractors in the entire state of Texas that hold Master Licenses in ALL TRADES: Electrical, Plumbing, Unlimited HVAC, and Commercial Refrigeration.

I’ve often pondered the past 30 years just how many contractors in the entire state of Texas actually have master licenses in all four trades with these endorsements:

  1. Unlimited HVAC & Commercial Refrigeration
  2. Master Electrician
  3. Electrical Contractor
  4. Responsible Master Plumber

I’ve always thought that it was a “handful.” I requested a custom report from the TDLR through the Open Records Act and recently got the results. We merged the TDLR spreadsheet with the TSBPE website database and now it’s official.

There are only 9 of us in the entire state.

There are currently 16,552 active HVAC contractors in Texas.

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Victor’s Life Journey & Medical Status Update
    • I operated my previous company, Wilson Plumbing, Heating, A/C & Electrical for over 23 years–A company originally located in Childress, Texas. I grew the company to 8 trucks and 10 employees, with annual revenue of over $3M.
    • I relocated the business to Keller, Texas in January 2007. My health forced me into retirement three and a half years later in July 2010, due to a stroke (TIA) and diagnosis of heart failure. The heart failure was later determined to have been caused by a mutated gene in my DNA. My father passed away at age 57 of the same condition. My sister also inherited the same gene and fortunately is currently able to manage it with medication.
    • I spent the next 4 years managing several large companies in various capacities ranging from Service Manager to Vice President to General Manager, but was just not satisfied until I could return to being the owner again.
    • I finally decided in January 2015 to start my newest endeavor, working by myself with only a part time helper and an increasingly failing heart. Earning the trust and admiration of close to 1,000 new customers derived entirely through, since then with the highest ratings/reviews of any contractor in the nation with the average currently being 4.9 out of 5 Stars. Based on over 200 ratings/reviews, I have been awarded Best of HomeAdvisor Winner for 2017 and 2018.
    • 6/1/17 – I’m now opening the third chapter to this company and my life, as I’ve been involved in the Baylor University Hospital heart transplant program for almost 5 years now. I’m on track to receive a donor heart within the next few weeks or months. The past 7 months, I’ve been working every day with a heart medicine pump in a fanny pack around my waist with an IV tube going to a picc line in my arm.My plan is to have the highest quality plumbers, a/c technicians & electricians working for me and continue my time earned tradition of honest, professional service.
    • 7/17/17 – Thanks be to God, Baylor University Hospital – Dallas – Heart Transplant Team, and literally hundreds of Prayer Warriors, I was so incredibly blessed and received a donor heart on 7/17/17. I was discharged from the hospital on 7/24/17.The day before had begun a roller coaster ride of emotions. A right heart catheter, called a swan, had been placed in my neck threaded down unto my heart six days earlier. It would stay in place until the procedure. This upgraded my status from 1b to the highest priority 1a.

      That day around 4:00 I was informed that a donor heart had been located and the procedure would begin in about 4 to 6 hours. There was a flurry of activity getting me prepped. Then the waiting stretched out through the night until about 7:30am, Dr. Hall the director and chief cardiologist of the transplant program, opened the door and informed us that the donor heart had been determined not to be viable. We were very disappointed and anticipating that I had possibly missed the only opportunity to receive this life saving gift and would likely be sent home later that week. Then a half hour later the same doctor burst in again saying “it’s back on!” Then three giant orderlies threw me on a gurney, sprinted down halls and into several elevators, getting down to the operating room. Once there I lay back on a 18” wide table. They taped my hands behind my back. I assumed that was to aid in keeping my chest open during the surgery. I was told there was a catch basin underneath to recycle the blood that flowed, then filtered and returned to my body.

      Then looking up into the massive lights above me, I spoke to my Lord & Savior about how I would either see Him in person shortly, or I would wake up and see my loving wife Lara a bit later on the next day. That is, unless He needed me to hang around here a while longer. I then began reciting the Lord’s Prayer first once, then twice. Upon beginning a third, I guess the anesthesia kicked in. I’m happy to report that when they woke me up the next day I realized that He must have found a reason for me to stick around a while longer.

      We are so thankful to the donor family and the donor, God rest his soul.

      So, please “check that box” and become an organ donor!!

    • 8/1/17 – I’ve accomplished the first one with the addition of Adam Brockelman, a long time friend and former employee. He is a 15 year veteran licensed plumber.

  • 10/15/17 – Faced a major setback by waking up with multiple pulmonary embolisms. A trip to the ER and my first (and hopefully my last) ambulance ride to Baylor University Hospital Dallas at the transplant floor on 10 Roberts, for 4 days and a couple weeks recovering at home. Again, hundreds of prayers prevailed!!
  • 1/17/18 – Celebrated my 6 month anniversary with heart biopsy #9……I think…..I’ve lost count….
  • 2/26/18 – We moved into our new office/warehouse facility located at 3713 N Beach Street, Fort Worth, Tx 76137 and have expanded the business to 7 service vehicles.
  • 9/29/18 – We met my heart donor’s family for the first time! We now have an extended family in Las Cruces, New Mexico and Fort Polk, Louisiana!
  • 12/29/18 – This has been yet another year with serious health challenges where God has seen fit to walk with me through. On October 5th, due to my immune system suppression and “One Little Mosquito,” I was hospitalized with high fever and severe headaches. As usual they sent me to the heart transplant floor at Baylor Dallas. After being there a week they brought in an infectious disease specialist. A lumbar puncture (spinal tap) was done and confirmed West Nile virus with encephalitis (brain swelling). Now three months later, I’m slowly regaining strength and recovering. Thanks be to God!!
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Organ Donation Awareness

Meeting My Heart Donor’s Family

A heart transplant recipient from Tarrant County and the donor’s family, from New Mexico, met for the first time Saturday. 

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