Slab Leak Repair Fort Worth, TX

Do you suspect a leak in your home’s slab foundation? Early detection is essential to prevent structural damage and avoid needless costs. Even minor leaks keep water running 24/7 and lead to higher monthly bills. If you notice a sudden and unexplained rise in water bills, a decrease in water pressure, or the hot water heater running non-stop, you may have a slab leak. Other indicators include damp carpets, warped hardwood flooring, sound of running water, water collection where it doesn’t belong, musty odor in the home, inexplicable mold or mildew growth, and areas of the floor that feel hot. Don’t hesitate to call Wilson Home Services for slab leak detection and repairs in the Metroplex.

Professional Slab Leak Repairs & Detection

There’s simply no foolproof way for a homeowner to visually identify a slab leak. Wilson Home Services utilizes the most advanced technology to determine if there’s a problem and accurately pinpoint any leaks in the water pipes under the foundation or concrete slab. Our highly trained and licensed professionals target the most cost-effective and non-invasive course of action. We keep you completely informed, provide detailed quotes, and ensure effective repair throughout Dallas / Fort Worth.

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