Water Softeners & Purification Systems

Water problems directly impact daily life as well as your budget. Scale and buildup of minerals damage pipes, appliances, and fixtures. Everything from your hair, skin, and teeth to your linens and dishes are negatively impacted. Wilson Home Services specializes in water softeners and purification systems. We help you determine the right choice for your specific issues and goals, handle proper installation and deliver sustainable solutions across the Metroplex.

Efficient Water Softener Services

Water softeners treat hard water, removing minerals through a process called ion-exchange. The investment into a water softener pays for itself, contributing to greater reliability, efficiency, and lifespan of appliances and pipes. You’ll need less soap and detergent, reduce cleaning time, and your clothes will retain their color, brightness, and last longer. However, if you’re dealing with bacteria, lead, mercury, or iron in the water, a water purification system might be the right choice.

Trust in Wilson Home Services for water purification systems from a team of experts!

Partnering with state-of-the-art systems from such industry leaders as Flow-Tech, Wilson Home Services provides an effective defense against the most difficult challenges. Get in touch with us at (817) 753-0873 and let’s get started. We see no reason home or business owners need to put up with anything less than a clean, healthy supply of water anywhere across Dallas / Fort Worth.


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